Professional Window Cleaners Do More Than Clean Windows

worker cleaning windowsHiring a professional window cleaner is a smart way to get your windows looking great without a lot of hassle or expense. But did you know that professional window cleaners do more than just clean windows? It’s true. While an experienced window cleaner is cleaning the exterior windows in your home they are also looking for other signs of damage and assessing the condition of your windows. They can alert you to problems that can be easily fixed right now before they become big and expensive problems. We spoke with a Toronto, ON window cleaning contractor who explained to us what they for homeowners besides just cleaning the windows:

Check For Window Damage

If your home has multiple stories it has probably been awhile since you looked at the windows on those high floors very closely. A window cleaner that is up on a ladder cleaning those high windows is also going to check the glass carefully for things like scrapes, cracks or chips. Finding out about those chips, cracks or scrapes early means that you can have them fixed before they become so bad that you need to have the entire window replaced. Did you know that aluminum screens can etch tiny marks into glass over time? Window cleaners look for damage like that so that you’ll be able to fix it. Replacing windows, especially upper story windows, is very expensive. Knowing that there is a problem before it becomes serious can save you a lot of money.

Check For Frame And Shutter Damage

Window frames can become damaged over time. Storms can weaken them. If you have shutters on the home the shutters can damage the frame or become weak and damaged themselves over time. Hot sunny weather could cause the paint around the window frame to chip and peel. Or, your upper windows might be entirely painted shut which is a pretty big safety issue. But you might never know about any problems with the window frames or shutters if you don’t hire a professional window cleaner.

Check For Wood Rot and Other Problems

Wood rot, water damage, and other problems can cause major structural damage to your home. If a gutter is leaking or water has seeped into the window frame you could end up with wood rot or even mold. There could be wasp’s nests or other insect hives lurking in the corners and frames of your windows. A professional window cleaner will be on the lookout for any damage that you should know about. They can remove insect and animal hives too so that you and your family are safer.