Benefits Of A Professional Custom Mural

There is really no better way to add a custom personalized touch to the décor of a building then a custom mural; options vary with virtually no location being off limits. With such a wide range of options for a mural the costs thus also vary greatly but there are always a few very important factors that determine the cost of a custom mural. So read on to discover the ins-and-outs of pricing out a mural painting.

custom mural painting inside interior of store

Location of the Mural
Location is one very important aspect when considering cost. If the location is an 8 foot tall interior wall then there will be little need for extra equipment to be able to reach the top of the mural and it can be comfortable painted. Alternatively, if the art is going to be on the ceiling then it will require additional equipment to access and more time to complete the actual painting. In some circumstances painting exterior pieces that are very close to public access will demand special planning to accommodate public access and safety to all parties involved. This can be a tedious planning task when scissor-lifts and paint sprayers are required for certain aspects of the job. All of these factors play a large role in determining the cost of a mural.

Size of the Mural
Size will play a significant role in the cost of hiring a professional mural company. After all this translates into expenses such as materials and equipment rentals in addition to the time that it takes to paint the mural. Consider a mural that can be accessed simply with a step-ladder compared to a mural that requires the usage of scissor-lifts – add to this the cost of job planning that is necessary to find a place to park the lift (or even renting a parking space for the lift) and you can quickly see that a large scale mural painting will cost quite a bit more than a simple bedroom wall piece.

Skill and Experience of the Mural Artist
The skill and experience of the artists involved will be critical to a successful painting; successful means that the artwork has been designed, the project planned, and finally the mural executed successfully resulting in a beautiful and intentional work of art. This process can be very involved and many aspects of this work are based upon practical experience; the more experience a muralist has the more confidently they can produce a fantastic work of art and thus the higher wage they can command. Most people when looking to hire mural painters should bear this in mind; when looking for artists on the cheap you are generally going to find inexperienced takers who may not be able to render the artwork to your satisfaction.

Mural Artwork Detail
A large part of the cost will be in determining the amount of time it takes for the mural company to actually complete the artwork and a large aspect of this task comes down to the detail present in the planned artwork. Extremely complex pieces will require much more time to paint in comparison with simple designs. Some designs may be able to be completed using special techniques that speed the painting process up whereas in other circumstances the mural must be entirely painstakingly hand brushed.

Last Minute Changes to Design and Project Plans
Nobody likes to change plans but sometimes it is necessary when unforeseen circumstances arise, unfortunately these can also affect the total cost of hiring mural artists. If a project requires a substantial amount of planning and a major change has been made that requires the project to be entirely reworked then the cost will generally change to accommodate these new occurrences. This can be a problem if artwork has been changed at the last minute and the complexity of rendering or level of detail changes as a result.

How Can I Find Out The Cost Of A Custom Mural Painting?
The best way to discover how much your project will cost is to contact those who know and describe what you are interested in having painted. The cost of a mural is always unique to artwork itself; location, access, level of detail, and talent requirements all play vital roles when it comes to pricing out a custom mural painting.