Who Needs A Toronto Plumbing Contractor?

One of the biggest complaints online about plumbing contractors is their pricing, something that a few plumbing professionals simply don’t understand. Local plumbers are more than just handymen, they’re professionals with years of training and entrepreneurs making a go at running their own business. People rarely look at the whole picture when looking at the bill for a plumber, we had a nice plumbing conversation with a plumbing company and worked out three reasons why a plumbing contractor charges what they do, and why that can save you money.

toronto plumbing contractor working on a sink

1. Tools and Training
Completing the necessary apprenticeship and course requirements can take between 4 and 5 years, the same amount of time for an undergrad university degree. Trade schools are often not held in the same regard as a university, but they are demanding programs that require skills, smarts, and dedication. So for all their training and work, plumbers deserve to get paid for their services in a similar compensation. But that isn’t all, plumbers also need the right tools and equipment, and these can run thousands of dollars for the right stuff. With a high overhead and a surprising amount of education, plumbers charge what they do because it’s fair.

2. Insurance
You wouldn’t trust a driver without insurance or work for someone without proper insurance to cover accidents and injuries that may happen to you. Plumbers are entrepreneurs on top of being highly skilled and equipped. Insurance for plumbers is quite expensive and they defer those costs across their jobs. And while a good plumber who cares enough about their clients and their business to purchase good insurance may cost more, they are acting in the best interests of you and themselves. Insurance isn’t cheap, but it’s a sign that these are professionals.

3. They Save You Time and Money
If you factor in the time and hassle you are saving by getting someone to do the job right the first time, a plumber suddenly becomes much less expensive. People rarely factor in their own time into the work they need done, especially when it comes to plumbing. Plumbers are constantly called in to fix jobs people thought they could do on their own. If you factor in the time they wasted, the possible damage they caused, and the extra work they need to pay someone to fix those mistakes and do the job properly, they should have just called a professional right away.

One last consideration: many plumbers these days are finding themselves undercut by handymen, people who offer subpar plumbing services to people looking to save money. But contrary to popular belief, plumbers dislike these guys not because they take business, but because they ruin homes. You average plumber spends more time cleaning up the mistakes of untrained handymen than doing actual plumbing these days. For someone who takes pride in their work, cleaning up after someone else’s mess to do the job right is frustrating.

Before calling someone under qualified, consider these reasons why plumbers charge the prices they do. Your Toronto plumbing contractor isn’t trying to con you, they’re trying to make a living while providing you with the best service possible.

Professional Window Cleaners Do More Than Clean Windows

worker cleaning windowsHiring a professional window cleaner is a smart way to get your windows looking great without a lot of hassle or expense. But did you know that professional window cleaners do more than just clean windows? It’s true. While an experienced window cleaner is cleaning the exterior windows in your home they are also looking for other signs of damage and assessing the condition of your windows. They can alert you to problems that can be easily fixed right now before they become big and expensive problems. We spoke with a Toronto, ON window cleaning contractor WindowCleaningPeople.ca who explained to us what they for homeowners besides just cleaning the windows:

Check For Window Damage

If your home has multiple stories it has probably been awhile since you looked at the windows on those high floors very closely. A window cleaner that is up on a ladder cleaning those high windows is also going to check the glass carefully for things like scrapes, cracks or chips. Finding out about those chips, cracks or scrapes early means that you can have them fixed before they become so bad that you need to have the entire window replaced. Did you know that aluminum screens can etch tiny marks into glass over time? Window cleaners look for damage like that so that you’ll be able to fix it. Replacing windows, especially upper story windows, is very expensive. Knowing that there is a problem before it becomes serious can save you a lot of money.

Check For Frame And Shutter Damage

Window frames can become damaged over time. Storms can weaken them. If you have shutters on the home the shutters can damage the frame or become weak and damaged themselves over time. Hot sunny weather could cause the paint around the window frame to chip and peel. Or, your upper windows might be entirely painted shut which is a pretty big safety issue. But you might never know about any problems with the window frames or shutters if you don’t hire a professional window cleaner.

Check For Wood Rot and Other Problems

Wood rot, water damage, and other problems can cause major structural damage to your home. If a gutter is leaking or water has seeped into the window frame you could end up with wood rot or even mold. There could be wasp’s nests or other insect hives lurking in the corners and frames of your windows. A professional window cleaner will be on the lookout for any damage that you should know about. They can remove insect and animal hives too so that you and your family are safer.

3 Reasons You Need A Toronto Eavestrough Cleaning Company

Maintaining your home is quite a task. There are a number of reasons that you’ll need to turn to cleaning your home this year, and amongst all of the home maintenance tasks a typical person needs to address – one of those tasks is cleaning the eavestrough and gutter systems. This is a very important part of your home that diverts water from your roof-top to a downspout and away from your properties’ foundations. This is incredibly important if you are interested in prolonging the lifespan of your home and also would like to ensure a high resale value of your home. After all, foundation damages can be caused by rain water and they are certainly not cheap to repair. But beyond that there are additional reasons to hire a Toronto eavestrough cleaning company this year and here they are:

house after service by a toronto eavestrough cleaning company

Keep your home looking great

First impressions matter a lot, especially if your are inviting your family or neighbours over. Having a beautiful home is one reason why many people choose to hire a professional eavestrough cleaning company – it’s easy to see if your gutters have become packed with leaves and sticks, often times animals will begin to nest in your gutters and this will bring with it a whole host of additional problems. Having your eavestrough system cleaned leaves your home looking great for months on end.

Avoid costly foundation damages

This one is a very important reason to have your home’s eavestroughs cleaned, the system is developed to ensure that rain water is diverted safely away from your homes foundation. The foundation walls are typically heavily waterproofed, but given enough chance water will find it’s way into any tiny crack and begin to cause damage turning your homes flawless foundation into a leaky, costly mess. If your eavestroughs are full of debris they cannot function properly and water will simply pour over the edges landing right next to your foundation. Avoid this problem by having them cleaned annually.

Prevent problems before they happen

Often times eavestroughing will need repairs after they have been installed for quite some time. This is the case regardless of how well made the gutter system is – eventually all things break down. A Toronto eavestrough cleaning company will be able to spot any problems with your gutters and can perform simple repairs before they turn into major leaks or even complete failure. In some cases complete eavestrouging failure will lead to gutters falling off the sides of homes; this is particularly a problem in the winter time when water freezes inside gutters.

Trust Your Local Toronto Paint Store

toronto paint store

When renovating or remodeling your home there are many aspects to take into consideration, one of the most important but sometimes overlooked part of redecorating your home will be the paint. There are varieties of paint products to choose from, from cheap, low-quality options to expensive, high-quality paint. Not to say that all paint’s quality is solely based on price because this is simply not the case. A visit to your local Toronto paint store will reveal this to be the case. When selecting a paint product for the interior of your home you must take into consideration a few things:

  • The substrate (or surface that is to be painted)
  • What the room you are painting is going to be
  • Whether you are going to be painting yourself
  • What your budget is for the painting project
  • How much experience you have painting

Select the Right Paint for the Right Job

When buying paint from a Toronto paint store, it’s important to make sure that you are buying the proper paint for your paint job. Usually the best way to determine if you have the right paint is to take into consideration your substrate. Substrate is simply a term that describes the surface you’ll be painting, for instance drywall is a common substrate found in many homes. If your substrate has oil paint on it though you’ll need to make sure that you prime first. In rare cases, you’ll find substrates consisting of wood, brick, or concrete. It’s a good idea to confer with your Toronto paint store and describe in detail exactly what you are intent on painting before you simply buy paint.

Consider the Room Being Painted

Another aspect you need to think about is what the finished space will be used for. If it’s a kitchen or a dining room, you may want to paint the rooms a red colour, as this is known to spur appetites. Unless you are on a diet then perhaps a blue or ocean green colour would be ideal to promote relaxation. Bedrooms are another area, which lend themselves well to being painted with a calming colour as it promotes relaxation and sleep.

You’ll need to carefully consider how much light the room gets, if it never receives natural sunlight you may want to steer clear of bolder and deeper colours as this may simply make the room feel more cavernous. Try a light or pastel colour in smaller rooms such as a bathroom to promote a feeling of openness and tranquility. It is also a good idea to talk with the staff at your local paint store to discuss exactly how you can best present your room; often they have professional designers that assist customers with these problems.

Think About the Quality of Paint

Paint quality is one thing that can be easy to get wrong. Simply because a paint brand has been promoted heavily on television or in print ads does not mean that it is a high-quality paint product. Further, some high-quality paint products may simply be unnecessary for your task. If you’re painting a closet where no one will ever see you might as well just give it a coat of low-quality paint, and if you’re painting your dining room or living room you will probably want to invest in a higher quality paint that will hold its colour for longer.

One of the biggest advantages of choosing a paint product that is high quality is that it will make your life so much easier when painting. This is where you need to consider if you’re doing the painting or not; many professionals work with commercial grade paint, which is basically the same as consumer grade, but they remove some of the additives that make the product easier to work with. Professionals know how to work with these products and can produce exceptional results. However, if you aren’t all that skilled with painting you are well advised to stick with a consumer grade product specifically designed with appropriate additives to make your job much easier.

Consult with your neighborhood paint store to ensure that the quality of paint you use will work for you. This means not only the additives in the paint, but also that the paint will cover the walls and produce the colour you’d like to paint with ease.

Buy the Right Tools

Buying the right tools for your paint job, if you plan to do the painting yourself, will save you many headaches and stresses as the job progresses. Many homeowners have made the mistake of purchasing their tools from the cheapest bargains in their local big box store, or even worse, purchasing their painting tools from the dollar store. While some professionals might be able to get away with these practices (depending on the painting project they are working on), it is not recommended for DIY painters to do this – instead make sure you are purchasing your tools from the local paint store in Toronto that can better serve you individually. The trust is that better tools are easily available for not a whole lot more money that will produce vastly superior results when compared to the bargain tools.